My Feelings in CT-101 Class 4 Weeks Later

“Better is the end of a thing thing than the beginning thereof” the scripture says (Ecclesiastes 7 vs 8) and I can boldly attest to this fact by saying that my experience and feeling about my CT-101 (Digital StoryTelling) class today is different and definitely getting better.

It’s now four weeks in and i can definitely say that the above GIFs is a complete expression of how I am now feeling in this class. I like the class more now. With the help and guidance of the Prof. Ryan Seslow (RMS) I am getting along smoothly and well. I feel more confident now about the class than before.
In as much as I recognize that there would be challenging times during this class, I feel more confident and I am mentally ready to take up the challenge that this class may bring. I am now learning new things and I can now make my own GIFs.
Feel free to check out this hilarious show “First Class Flight – Mr Bean” in the link below. You will LOVE IT!

One thought on “My Feelings in CT-101 Class 4 Weeks Later”

  1. Good work, and too funny, Mr. Bean is a classic! Glad that you are enjoying the class! We will be learning many more new skills! Have fun!

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