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Remember the days when all students learned the same thing and that was taught to all of the students in the same way? No way, CT-101 class is opportunity to express ourselves in the different way. Its creative , fun and educational. This class made me happy because different learning approach.

When you incorporate technology into classroom instruction, students are going to have fun. As I have made first GIF by the help of imgur. Second time I have done little bit different way. Imgur-Video to GIF-pasting a video from you tube-create GIF-Download-drag to the desktop-edit post -media-drag downloaded GIF to the Blog post dashboard-medium size to full size….then new version of GIF without sign of imgur.

Our human body respond with laughter . Medical science proved that during laughing brain secrets two chemical endorphine and epinephrine that allow more oxygen and healthy life.

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  1. Great! Indeed humor is a healing medicine!
    Good work on this, and nice job removing the Imgur frame boarders on the bottom two gifs.

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