I found this image on Ds106 assignment bank, and I quickly became fascinated by it. Within this image a green apple was conformed into something else, The image still resembles an apple however the contents of the apple was substituted with words and numbers, and this looks so cool. Its known as the typographic affect and I would love to learn how to use this technique. Its very creative and it could be beneficial in various ways. It’s possible that I could teach myself this technique. It would be very beneficial in work places, say you had to advertise something, this photo effect can be used to capture the eyes of individuals. This is a great way to manipulate an image.

In addition another technique I would like to learn is how to manipulate images and photo shop 2 different images together. If you look at the picture above the 2 individuals above are the same person. This individual was able to manipulate the contents of the image and allow himself to photoshop another picture of himself into a older picture.

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