My Reaction to Digital Storytelling

When I entered the class on January 31st, I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be able to create any good material? Would the professor be welcoming or strict? Would I enjoy the course? Whatever happens, happens, I thought, and I stepped into the room.

1st Class: We went through what we were supposed to do for the semester, and it was very interesting. I have wanted to make GIFs for a long time. I kept seeing people make good ones and I wanted some of that for myself. Bonus, the students there are nice and the professor is a pretty cool guy. Couldn’t get my WordPress account set up until the following week, but besides that it was good all around.

2nd Week: With WordPress working, I was able to start making my own GIFs. Which was good, because that’s what we did, using Imgur and its video to gif editor to make some good ones. I made Homer Simpson in the Shining, and Ari Gold from Entourage as the first. Sadly, I didn’t save them while I had the chance, but I now have the knowledge how to do so. And I got an Imgur account, but whatever.

3rd Week: Much more stuff is going on. Professor asks us to make reaction GIF posts and introduces us to Giphy. I could’ve done one in class, but I am lazy. But, this just shows that there is a lot more to see, and I’m interested in where it will go.

All in all, really looking forward to what’s coming up later in the semester. From what I’ve seen, it’s gonna be good.


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CT101 Digital Storytelling