My Photoshop Experiment

This is my first gif created in Photoshop. I followed the tutorial on the CT website and used a public domain picture I found in Pixabay. He looks similar to E.T :). I moved the frames and saved them as their own files and then i put them in a slideshow and created my gif. It’s my very first one, room for improvement but I hope to get better at it. I want to make it more seamless so it looks like the alien is actually moving his head instead of the obvious frames. I already have more respect for animators on my favorite shows who could probably do this with their eyes closed. That’s just an insane amount of skill to both draw and frame a fight scene from an anime. As a kid, I wanted to be an animator so it would be awesome to have the skills and make little gifs for my younger relatives.  I can tell its gonna be a long journey with Photoshop. 

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