Flexibility in Storytelling: A Narrative Through Images

For this assignment, I wanted to do something that involved one of my favorite hobbies: video games. But instead of simply listing off my favorite games or an idea of what I would use to make a video game, I wanted to do something more… critical. For these two projects, I want to look into the world of gaming and discuss a topic that I feel needs to be said.

For the first project, I want to talk about the rise, fall, and rebirth of the 3D Collectathon Platformer. 3D Platformers, being the most prevalent gaming genre when I was a child, is very dear to my heart and I would love for more people to play them. In this project, I would document the rise of this genre, show how it faded into obscurity, highlight its slow return in the modern day and give suggestions on how it would be able to revive itself. (this picture was found on VGJunk’s Tumblr page)

For the second project, I want to explore the effects of Feminism in video games. Up until roughly 2012, video gaming has been a genre that has heavily catered to a certain type of gamer. Nowadays, video gaming has ben taking steps to be a more open, accepting home for gamers from all walks of life. The reactions have been divisive; Some are welcoming these changes, while others have been less than thrilled with them. Not only that, the new ideas that are coming forth have brought their own share of good and bad. I would like to outline the events that have led up to this point and give my own thoughts on how feminism, women, and minorities are viewed within this form of media and by those who indulge in it.

(this picture was found on Tumblr user Metroid Life’s page)

As of now, I would be more comfortable doing the first project as it’s rather easy to plan out the points I want to make and structure the gifs to illustrate them. The second project requires other forms of media that I need to clear with the professor first, as they involve very offensive subject matter.

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