Expectation VS Reality!

When i first entered into this classroom i saw all the IMAC, the teacher sitting in the middle i did not know what to expect. I was not to sure if i would pass this class. With a title like ” digital storytelling” switching majors from computer science i was in a whole new realm.

help new girl winston praying


Once i created my first GIF……. i started to see this class in a whole new perspective like “wait a minute i think i can do it”. This class seems to good to be true.

confused futurama suspicious fry not sure

My professors ensures that everyone knows what they are doing and spends the entire class helping out anyone who needs it. I wish every professor had the same mind set.

Nick At Nite dance dancing excited celebration

Now i am just waiting to see how the rest of the semester is going to be and have the opportunity to learn and gain the knowledge.

the simpsons waiting blinking lenny

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