Back To School After Winter Break Blues: I Wasn’t Ready

Although York College is a commuter college, nothing beats the feeling of coming home for winter break!  No more crying about assignments from miserable ass professors who like making my life a living hell! No longer did I have to wake up 2 hours before class starts (Living in the 845 problems son.) Lowkey, I missed interacting with other people(#IntrovertProblems).

While people were linking up and making moves,  the only moves I made was to eat and sleep.

Unfortunately, winter break is over and I’m still adjusting to waking up to go somewhere.

Girl….the fact I have to watch professors are drone on and on for 4 days a week! And actually do work! Sigh!

So anyways, it is week 3 of CT 101 and so far, its okay. Ryan seems like a dope ass professor! Lowkey, I’m happy that there is another person who is obsessed with Twitter like me!

My hope for CT 101 is to explore more of my creative side. Whether it is through creating gifs or blogging , I hope to come out my shell and hopefully achieve something.  #ContentCreative #FutureYoutuber.

One thought on “Back To School After Winter Break Blues: I Wasn’t Ready”

  1. HA!! This is awesome, see how much fun digital storytelling is? GIFs as the muse to express the moment from the 845 to 718!
    Lots more to come, I promise a ton of skills to learn!

    Prof. Dope A Low-KEY 🙂

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