Ideas about the flexibility in Digital Storytelling

Reading this article made me realize the sheer amount of diversity and paths you can take to tell stories through digital media. Alot of the assignments piqued my interest and showed that many forms of media can be used to achieve a similar goal. I felt most of this ideas were creative and interesting.

I gravitated to the “How Does A Song Make You Feel” project because I’m obsessed with music and I write my own songs myself. I know firsthand that music can bring out certain emotions that relate to the listener’s life and be can analyzed to have hidden meanings. It would be awesome to be able to write about something that I’m very passionate about.

I thought the “Where Do Your Shoes Take You” assignment would be interesting as well. I have never done anything like it and would like to know more about how to execute it in the right way.

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  1. Ok great selections, can you make the assignment links active so we can click on them and be redirected to the page they are hosted on? Look up “how to hyperlink a url in wordpress” – 🙂

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