Movie Poster That Matters

After review the ds106 site, this was one of the flexible assignments that I was interested in challenging myself to create. It is entitled “Movie Posters that Matter.” The idea of the assignment is to modify a movie poster for an issue that means something or provides a launch point for discussion on a social issue.

I chose to use the Rocky Balboa movie cover because this was a popular movie when it released in 2006 after a 16 year hiatus in the series. I also felt it wouldn’t be so challenging to remove and then add my own text into the photo.

This assignment wasn’t too challenging. I actually did it on my cellphone. After deciding what I wanted my poster to say, I found a photo of the Rocky movie cover where the words had already been removed. So I downloaded it to my phone and used an app called Phonto to add my own text.

This is the original movie poster:

My poster-“that matters:”

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