Sometimes you see a rainbow in the midst of the rain !

Our country may be about to crash and burn due to our new Presidential administration. You may be thinking “Dramatic much?” but just look at the news. There’s this, and this and oh, can’t forget about THIS! The entire ‘CNN Politics’ section makes me feel like

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But this week there were a few things to smile about. This week the Internet gave me some reasons to smile. Check out the moments that made me happy. I saw:


At the Grammy’s Adele gave us one of the best Sisterhood moments ever. She broke the Grammy that she received for Album of the Year in half because she felt that Beyoncé  deserved it too. Bruh..She broke A GRAMMY to uplift another woman. Some of my friends don’t break their last piece of gum to share with me and she broke a whole Grammy in half. It was an amazing moment. Check it out!



An Utah dad surprised his daughter with a Beauty and the Beast photoshoot for Valentine’s Day. They were decked out, costumes and all, with 3 year old Nellee Rossi being featured as Belle. They even used real European castles for the background. Talk about going all out ! It was awesome and she was so happy to see the finished product. So cool !













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