What Makes Me Happy: BTS Spring Day MV

As an active fan of BTS, a seven member South Korean boy band, I have anxiously been waiting for the release of their latest repackaged/ extended album and the release of their music video for two of their new songs “Spring Day” and “Not Today.”

With not only the members raving about the four new songs and MV’s but also entertainment insiders and their production crew/ company, I had high hopes. Especially since there last music video “Blood Sweat and Tears” (below) had not only given fans an amazing song and energetic choreography but the cinematography and concept had once again blown everyone away.

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I was also interested to see if the new MV would give more clues into the story arch and concept they were pursuing. I was also curious if the MV would have choreography like “Blood Sweat and Tears” or just have the members acting like their MV for “I NEED U“.

So naturally when the MV for “Spring Day” dropped on the 12th I hurried to watch it and I was not disappointed. As per usual the cinematography was amazing, with each scene perfectly executed and shot. The song itself, which is a mix of British Rock and Electric sound, easily became one of my favorite songs.

You can check out the Music Video for “Spring Day” down below.



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