I Think I Could Totally Bring These Assignment Ideas To Life

After reviewing the links from the calendar and looking through a few of the assignments/project ideas that are up on ds106, there are two that stuck out to me the most and that I think I could do if I put in the time and effort.

The first one is this: How Does a Song Make You Feel?

This one interests me because I love music above many other art forms and I also love writing. The fact that music is a performance of writing makes it all the more special to me. I love the fact that lyrics can be both read and sung. It’s beautiful how much meaning sings can have. For these reasons I think that if I took the time to pick the right song I could own this assignment and make it really great! The hardest part would be choosing which song I’d like to use and choosing one that would capture the attention of many people and something everyone can relate to.

The second idea that interested me is: Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

I like this idea because it incorporates the use of visuals and I think that visuals are super important when experiencing or understanding something. I watched Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy’s this past Sunday and I loved the way that she utilized pre-recorded visuals to enhance her live performance. This project idea is very appealing to me because a day in the shoes of someone else could change the way you think about others and the lives they lead. I would love to give the world an idea of what a day is like in my shoes and to capture various moments of my day on camera would be amazing to me. I would definitely need help putting the videos together into one cohesive and smooth transitioning video/short about where my shoes take me.

I’m open to trying any and all of the ideas/assignments that were posted, even the more challenging ones that I have no idea how to do yet!

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