Happy, Frustrated and Confident!

 I was confused at first because I never imgur nor giphy. Pretty much that was me when I found out I can make a GIF on my first day!2nd class of mine was a disaster due to slow server. Come on #YorkCollege  get it together.
  On my third week I pretty much mastered on my GIF making skill.

At first I was a bit lost because I have never taking any CT classes. I am glad that I switched my major to CT. On top of that I am really happy with my classes and my professors so far (except for one #shade). So far I am liking my CT 101 class a lot. Learning how to make GIF for now but I am really excited building my on web where I can post blogs whenever I want. My professor is really patient with his students. When one of us are confused or not sure about how to post things properly he directs us step by step. It shows that he cares about us.

2 thoughts on “Happy, Frustrated and Confident!”

  1. Great work on this! Really fun! Indeed I care about my students and it is important for us to communicate ourselves so we can get to know each other and grow together in our learning experience!

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