This is my first gif and yes, it’s Future.

Let me start by saying first and foremost that by no means am I Future’s number one fan. I do however like many of his songs. I only started listening to him because he’s practically my bf’s idol and I wanted to relate. Anyhow, the song that this video came from is actually by 21 Savage and features Future. 21 Savage is pretty cool too. My favorite number is 21 so I guess we relate lol. I picked this part because Future looks super majestic and I was feeling his dance moves. Here is my first gif:

Second gif is based on one of my favorite artists, Kehlani. She’s from the Bay Area and is an amazing R&B singer and dancer. I definitely cite her as one of my inspirations in life. Here’s my Kehlani gif from her music video for her song Distraction. In order to make a gif from this video, I was forced to stray away from imgur because they’re super restrictive when it comes to certain videos due to quality/size etc. Not sure if that’s a problem but it worked. 🙂 (As you can see from the watermark, I used

For my third and final gif, I was once again forced to use because imgur rejects like, everything. This one pays homage to my Puerto Rican roots and comes from a live video of late Boricua singer and musician, Hector Lavoe. He is a personal favorite of mine and the song he was performing is titled Mi Gente, which means “my people”. As the title suggests, he is singing all about our beautiful island and people. Here’s the gif:

That’s all for now, see y’all when I do the next assignment. 🤓🇵🇷

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