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When Your favorite song comes on and you can’t control yourself.

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This is perhaps one of my favorite outtakes from Supernatural. Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean Winchester) simply went with the flow of the song and completely surprised everyone when instead of continuing on with his scene decided to create his own music video for Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It was also one of the first behind the scenes clips I had watched and was one of the reasons I not only fell in love with the show but with the quirky cast.

Here is the first Gif I made using It is from Marron 5’s new music video “Cold”.

I had tried using Giphy when I was doing my What makes Me Happy post but couldn’t figure out how to get the actual gif to show. My attempts had only left me with a link to the gif visible. However now I have gotten the hang of it. 🙂


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  1. Nice job! Glad you got a jump on this assignment, Ill show you how to make it animate with out the “play” button on Thursday.

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