The Feels

This thing we got is crazy

Only thing I know is you’re my baby

Forever down, I am your lady

Always for sure, never a maybe

Never met someone who spoke my language

Never met a nigga done with playin’

You the type of nigga make me lane switch

Hand me the brush and say “paint it”

Give me your heart and I hold it

Show me your soul and I’ll mold it

Baby boy, you gotta be the dopes

Gotta be to fuck with the coldest

There hasn’t been one time since the first time I’ve heard this song that it hasn’t given me the chills. Everything from the beat, to the message in the song makes me feel so happy. I appreciate things that can actually make me feel my tummy flutter, or the hairs on my body stand up. It can be anything from a specific verse in a song or a line in a poem, a pretty painting, or just a meaningful conversation, once it connects to something significant to me, and I can relate, I get the feels 🙂

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