Farewell CT 101

I must say I took advantage of this class. I came in with the wrong attitude and did not give it the time needed. I looked at the assignments like they would be a 123 thing and pushed everything aside, paying more attention to my other classes because they required essays and projects with much stricter teachers. It wasn’t until I was creating my website that I noticed how much time and patience the assignments took.(I underestimated the time it would take to do that too.)Once I started it was I surprised about all the hours went by and I was still playing with themes, still trying to figure out what exactly the blog would be about, trying to get everything to fit properly and look how I wanted it to. Even though it was so time-consuming, and I was working on it in the midst of getting ready for finals, it helped keep my calm. Yes, it did get frustrating at times like when I thought I found the perfect theme, decorated it and everything, just to find out it didn’t have a certain widget. But it was fun. The end result made me feel like “Wow, I did this.” By not giving it the right amount of attention from the beginning, I cheated myself. I loved that the course allowed me to work on my own timing and that Ryan responded to emails within a matter of minutes. I enjoyed it and have already recommended it to friends.

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  1. Thank you so much for the hard work and commitment to our class!
    Keep up the good work and please continues haring your insights!


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