CT101 was an amazing class unfortunately it ended so quick.

I never been a fan of blogging but being in this class I learn to like it. This class thought me there are so many ways to be creative in creating art. I enjoy using imgur to create gifs. The ability to use any video and take segments of it and incorporate any words is awesome. My favorite gifs I created was of  Will Smith dancing in Fresh Prince of BEL Air and Michael Jackson which were both unique.

Then I further on to learn how to use photo shop.  With photo shop you can edit pictures and remove sections  of the picture to incorporate animations or add layers of a different pictures to animate. This is very different and interesting. As well, I learned about newhive which is a unique way to incorporate two pictures together as if using photo shop. From being in this class I had the opportunity to build on my art skills which I enjoyed.

Having the ability to create my own website was very interesting. At first, I had difficulty creating a domain but after lot of thinking I came up with As well, I had difficulty selecting a  theme for my website. It was so hard to pick one that I felt will display my website the best. Eventually, I decided on twenty fifteen which I find to be a awesome theme. It has the ability to customize the color and layout of the website. MY website consist of a quote section, blog, and animation category.  I find this website expresses everything I find that makes me happy. I want to further add a category that consists of incorporating what other people find interesting. Overall, I enjoy knowing I had the opportunity to learn how to build a website which is not easy. This is a skill I will keep and continue to improve on. Even though the class came to an end I was able to walk away  with more skills than I started with :).

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