The Final Goodbye

Ct101 is coming to an end and the best thing to end with is what we started with and that is


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My site’s name is and I chose that domain name for my site because my name is Shivane and my nickname is Shiv. I really just wanted to use a play on words. The theme and idea of my website are simply just things that I do like projects, Gifs, net art and so much more. I really wanted a simple website that everyone can enjoy and see different cool content to it.

My theme that I FINALLY chose is Forever and the reason I say finally is because it really did take me a while to figure out what sort of look I want to give my website. I did enjoy customizing the colors and the background image to make it more me. Even the sidebars and putting my categories lined up so it’s easily organized that way for users to see.

I have only two pages and that’ s because the theme restricted me from adding content more onto a page so I mostly just used categories. I have an about page which basically explains who I am and my categories are Dance Videos, which I really wanted to Incorporate in my website because dance is a huge part of my life. I have projects which are like the Net art and Gif projects. I do have Glitche’ art which is a app with really unique colors and filters I wanted to incorporate this because I love being able to alter pictures I think it is just unique.


My final thoughts on this course are that it was very fun aId i loved having something creative to work on every work.  It really did open my eyes to photoshop and i realize i could do so much things on photoshop that i never thought would even be possible before.   I most definitely do believe I will still use my website in the future because I am a Ct major.




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