Final Post!!!!


It’s all over :((((giphy-7

I can’t believe it its over. The only reason I actually took this class was because I did not want to take sociology and this class was the only one open. But, I’m so grateful I did. The experience and fun I had, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world. Professor Seslow is the most amazing teacher and this class is so awesome. Like I got to create and design my own website which I will continue to post on. I got to learn and post gifs and write about anything.


I love this class and I hope anyone who takes this class next semester knows how lucky they are. I’m going to miss coming in every Tuesday and learning something new like glitches and making your own gifs. It’s just overall the best class. I learn so much and had a lot of fun in the process and hopefully, someday I’m going to use it again.

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