What page?

There were several decision made for how many pages I wanted. I started out with home, about, music and gallery. Then I finalized the pages to about, music and gallery. I eliminated the “home” page because I felt it was redundant to have one. Using the about as my homepage made more sense to the flow of the website.

For the about page, I had trouble preventing the page to look like a post. It turned out, that I needed to go into the customization of the theme and turn the “static front page” on. This eliminated so much problems of my homepage not appearing as a homepage.

For my music page, I dealt with issues discussed in my previous post.

Lastly my gallery page was the very first page that I created. I was struggling to find a way to display my work. So I researched and discovered plugins. First, you’d add a new plugin. Then search for plugin that you would need, in my case, it was a gallery plugin. This is where I found the Modula plugin. ThisĀ plugin aided the presentation aesthetic by giving a nice tiling feature.

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