My final reflection

Taking CT 101, has been a great experience.  I was able to create my own website and learn to manage it. This was what I looked forward to in the most this semester. I created my sports website called, which I have full control over. I hope to continue to put out content on my website and help create opportunities for myself as a journalist.  I wanted to create my own brand and make it successful.  Its a work in progress, but in the next year I want it to be a big deal. I want to promote it on social media and make it available for everyone to read.  I will continue to be a better journalist and create something special.  CT 101 gave me a opportunity to create my own path as a journalist and I’m truly thankful to have been a part of it.

One thought on “My final reflection”

  1. Ty,
    You have gone above and beyond expectations this semester! Thank you so much for the awesome consistent production of content and website moderation. You have a great site with tons of examples of your craft and passion for sports! Keep in touch man!
    Well done!

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