CT Overall

Im not going to lie, my friend chose this course for me and I had no idea what it was. On my first day when I walked into a room full of computers, you can imagine my surprise. I love the fact that this want a “pen and paper” class. It was more hands-on and I ended up learning things that will actually help me. Technology is a massive aspect of several career fields in this day in age. As a millennial, people expect me to know everything about computers and software and I wouldn’t call myself a lay person but I wasn’t an expert either. I learned things in this class that I had no idea a regular person could do like create complicated gifs and how long photoshopping could actually take. If you have been following my posts (I know many haven’t) one would see that makeup artistry is a business I wish to pursue. CT 101 has helped me come up with new ideas on how to promote my brand with my new website and with editing techniques I have learned, I think I have what it takes to start my very own youtube channel in a couple of months. Wish Me Luck !

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