How I Feel About This Class

Oh boy I have many thoughts about this class. I have to say I really enjoyed this class a whole lot. The professor is really nice, friendly, has a great personality, and easy to get along with. I liked the assignments we do in class, I find them interesting and really fun to do. The photoshop assignments, they were a bit challenging I mean it took me a while to learn how to use the tools, transparent photos, and etc. I learned a lot from the class and it was really enjoyable, I would love to learn more if I could. It was a great semester and I will miss the class a lot.

For my site I think I will keep it as a place where I can write about my life. Like anything fun, impact my life, and etc I will write about it cause I like to share about my life. I’m like an open book I have nothing to hide about myself. I would write about what I’m doing, what I’m making, and etc like anything that relates with my life. That’s what I am going to do with my site, I enjoy writing about my life and hope others who are looking at my site will like what I post up on it.





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