Goodbye CT101: Final Post

It’s finally the end of the semester, and all the days I had been anticipating this, I’m sadden that I have to leave CT101. In a class that separates you from your typical College academia, CT101 had brought a new realm to learning, and lets students fully immerse themselves in work where they can truly express what they feel. This class had taught me so much, and I have truly gained an immense amount of knowledge in working with programs where I can express my creative side that I’ve been so longly been searching for.

I have always turned to the use of technology to make up for my lack in artistic abilities.giphyBut being in CT101 helped my expand and polish my skills in creating art using technology. I have re-learned how to use photoshop more efficiently and learned to create gifs for any possible moment in life! I learned different art works, beneficial websites such as Newhive and amazing apps such as Glitche. And I finally learned the labeling of the music and art genre of Vaporwave, after years of not knowing what it was called. tumblr_mvt3rcalrr1qc1jg4o1_400So of course my favorite project of the semester had to be creating my own vaporwave art


Along with creating vaporwave, I enjoyed learning how to glitch images first.img_9077

Professor Seslow and Professor Smith had made the semester’s teachings easy to follow and comprehend through their tutorials. The most frustrating part of creating things such as glitch art or net art was to create everything manually without the use of anything other photoshop. I wish there had been more classes(weird to say I know) just so I could take advantage of the class more and learn more skills to help me one day in creating a clothing brand or creating films.

CT101 had given me the opportunity to achieve one of my dreams in life in making a website. I have always wanted to create a website where I can freely post and say any thoughts or feelings I have over certain criteria. I have longed to write for top website or blogs for style or music such as Complex and Hypebeast because I have always taking interest in it. In creating my website, I was able and granted 100% creative freedom to share my thoughts with the community and keep myself as well as others updated on all things in fashion, art, music, sports, etc. As I had explained in my choosing a domain post, my domain name explains everything I want to share with the world. Like of the renaissances of the past, I want to create, as well as share all things that are art, style, music, and sneakers.

I made my website very simplistic, using the pixgraphy theme, which was the most appealing to me. In the mindset of creating my website in magazine style, I have a single menu with different categories I am most interested in (style, music, art, sneakers) and a home page to show recent post, as well as an about page stating what my website is intended for, on the top of my site. I post current news, reviews, thoughts on all things pertaining to style, music, art and sneakers, that I update with the news I take the most interest towards. I had also created a logo for my site using the picsart app to go along with the modern simplicity.img_4330-2

I used the a close friend’s photography that I had edited as my background image that shows what my website is about essentially, in being the thoughts of the children in urban areas and a slice of the views of the youth and trending.cropped-img_4328-1-1

After the semester I’m going to continue to update my website, more  frequently so, having not to worry over school, and hopefully continue to have my website gain exposure and become established with the best of the similar websites, such as Hypebeast. But in achieving that goal, I’m going to have to find my own right of way to it, and find more individualized ideas to express rather than the collective drawn from the common. Like Audrey Watter had stated, I have to be aware of my digital identity, and I have to avoid the plagerism and ideas of others to be more innovated and independent to the masses.

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