Bitter Sweet Moment

This is my final post for CT 101 and I have to say that it is bitter sweet. I learned so much and make some amazing friends that I kind of don’t want this class to end. This had to be one of my favorite classes for this semester. This class taught me so many different ways to edit a post, how to photo shop and so much more. It was also nice to be able to write freely in a class and not get judged on it.

It was interesting to learn how to make gifs and photo shop which I wanted to learn for so long so I was so happy to learn that. Also, i got to write about things that interested me and it felt very empowering to know I can express what I felt in a post and I wouldn’t be penalized for it.

Also, I think the highlight of this class is when we made our own blogs. It was difficult at first because I didn’t know what I wanted in my blog and even what I wanted as a domain name. But I figured out what I want to talk about. I have to say it was fun to write a review on products and give my own feedback on things that I use.

This is so bitter sweet.giphy

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