A Domain of One’s Own

The feeling I had when I got my own domain name felt like the time I got my own room. It was my space. Like I have the liberty to set and use my room the way I like, of course under certain rules and restrictions, a domain name allows one to do just about the same thing.
Domain users have their space with the flexibility to create a presence on a digital platform. Each type of platform allows one to test and enhance their skills in the field of that type. The platform of the web, specifically a domain, gives reach to virtual meanings. Its an identity. Facebook? Isn’t Facebook a form of identity? It is. But one is only allowed to “post” what Facebook allows them to.
Having a domain of one’s own isnt just about freedom. Users dont always have just 1 domain; they may have several. The idea of identity may be questioned by having more than 1 domain. But each domain, when content is separated in an organized manner, receives its own kind of importance from the rest of the digital world. The definition of a person’s abilities is extended to a farther goals. Be it business, education, art, media, or any category. A domain is a defined identity of who or what it speaks about.

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