Got To Meet A Lot Of Famous People


This was taken yesterday at Adidas and I could not believe I got to meet so many wonderful people. I got to meet two YouTubers Jesse Wellens and Lance Stewart, these two always inspire me to record and make videos. Not only that I got to meet some cool athletes Kyle OQuinn, Derrick Rose, Kristaps Porzingis, and Willy Geuer. Like this was the best day of my life, got to meet so many wonderful people all in one place 🙂

2 thoughts on “Got To Meet A Lot Of Famous People”

    1. It was meet up by the two YouTubers on the same say the new Adidas store opening. After your class, I had to hurry over to Manhattan cause like the first 50 people gets to enter a raffle to win some sneakers and meet them. During the raffle, they bought the athletes out to give the sneakers to the winners. The meet up was huge though, there were people everywhere wanting to meet them. I was so lucky that I was one of those 50 people or I’ll be waiting forever. Still had to wait 4 hours in the cold for them, but I say it was worth it 🙂

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