Not sure what to do with that…


So professor is posting comments on my blog, making suggestions, and what not. I feel like he’s looking at me strangely.

Do I have to publish those comments? Reply on my blog and publish?

The short answer is no. It’s your space and you can moderate comments however you choose. The nice thing about moderation is that you can read the feedback and then choose what to do with it. It’s up to you.

You might want to review the discussion settings on your blog. This is where you can control how comments are moderated. The default typically requires moderation of a first-time submitter, but auto publishes future comments from that submitter. If you want moderation always on, be sure to check that box, “comment must be manually approved.”

Also remember you can post work directly on instead of your personal site if you’d rather for certain posts. Maybe it’s something you want to make, but don’t want on your site. Or maybe there’s a summary of your process you might post directly here as well.

Just updating you on some options.


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