The real kanye

I grabbed an image from google I wanted it to be very simple so I thought it would be funny to do Kanye West.


I then proceeded and edited the image on the website “Triangulate.” It took a couple tries to really get it how I wanted because I wanted more of a blurred image rather then extremely distorted. I ended up with this result


Then, I used the app Ultra pop to play around with the colors I decided to change it to red just because I thought it would be funny.





The real kanye
The real Kanye

LAST! but not least I made a gif it took a little playing around with to get it to turn into a gif I used the app ImgPlay then I saved it as a gif emailed it to myself and uploaded it to Imgur. Once it uploaded I right click on the image and open it in a new tab just to I can copy the url and wont get the ugly IMGUR water mark because it makes me cringe. 

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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