Early Wake Up

This morning I was sleeping soundly only to be awaken by bright flashing lights. I head the trucks when the rolled onto the block behind my daughters house and immediately thought that they were the sanitation department. Then I realized that they do not have very bright flashing lights. So I looked out the window to see what it was. It happened to the fire department, apparently they was a fire but there was not any smell of smoke in the air. They stayed there for about half an hour, ladders drawn and everything. This happened around 5:30 a.m, by 6 am they were gone. So I went on with my day now that I was fully awake. Upon getting dressed I looked out the window and saw fire blazing out of the top floor of a house on that same block, the fire department was back. Only this time they had a actual fire to put out. Do not know if this was the original reason why they were on the block in the beginning, but this time they really had something to put out. If it was I can only speculate that there was something and they took care of it or that whatever it was it just laid dormant. But I do know that I heard them using some sort of equipment that had some strange sounds. Sound almost like those of when you had to use the phone lines for connecting to the computer. Do not know if anyone was home at the time or if anyone got hurt, but I do know that the fire could have been a lot worse. I am just glad that the fire department arrived there so quickly for it could have been a lot worse.

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