AmeriKKKan KKKorruption (Time for Necessary Distraction)

amurikkka“Make America Great Again.” A statement that had won over the hearts of the public. I clearly understand why many people feeling like voting doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of the election, stating “my vote doesn’t count,” when the electoral college determines the president over the popular vote. In our nation that sets forth our rights as a democratic society that grants us the freedom of speech, our voice isn’t truly heard. Where a nation “built by the people for the people” is nothing but another subliminal hanging in the midst, how easily it’s disproven through our voice nominating Hilary to win the popular vote had shown no avail.

Acknowledging the thoughts and feelings from David Remnick’s article in the New Yorker, I agree the presidential election is a complete American tragedy. It’s crazy how easily swayed society is nowadays. But who can blame “us” when we’re just forced fed lies, through GMOs and subliminals.  Donald Trump, a man so blunt, so foolishly ignorant, had become our nation’s president.. But the people are more to blame than him. The man clearly stated his agenda that publicly announced his discrimination against other races and religions, his views on the individuals of our society, and not to mention his slandering of the woman populous. You have just elected a man who wants to build a wall.. A man who wants to create a system to keep track of the Muslim population… From the times of internment camps for the Japanese, or the concentration camps for the Jewish.. It’s history repeating itself. The people have just voted for their end, all in the belief to “Make America Great Again.” Congratulations people, you have just elected the next Hitler.

The video below shows artist Amine have a very special message for the people during his performance on Jimmy Fallon:


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