The Revolution is on

So it is officially a week since the election and we found out Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. Most people are angry by it while others are happy that this happen. The main focus on why some people voted for Trump is because they wanted change. What I honestly noticed is that the older generation voted for Trump due to they want change in the United States. The other reason is that they don’t really like Clinton due to all the scandals they have been revealing over the year leading to the election.
With people who voted for Hillary Clinton, it was a sad day last Tuesday and many people have began to protest because of this and in my opinion, we are heading to a new revolution because of this.

Honestly speaking, this was a difficult election because we like neither of the candidates and I think that if it was in reverse and Hilary Clinton won there would be a lot of controversy. The reason for this assumption is due to the process of her almost getting impeached. If she had won after that, then their will be conspiracy about her rigging the election.

Everyone has their rights to their own opinion and it is a part of our first amendment, so I would never criticize anyone opinion. However, the deed is done and he is our president. Instead of looking at the bad, let’s just be optimistic and hope for the best. But, with all of the the protest going on at the moment it feels like we will be facing a revolution very soon.

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