Joke Of 2016

I know that I am a little late in voicing my opinion about this past election, but people are still talking about it. I really did not want to see either of them become President but they were all we had to choose from. This election was a joke. I personally felt that if this was the all we had to choose from, I would have rather let Obama stay for another four years. There should be some sort of a clause in there for when you have such stupidity going on in an election. I am just being aware of what is happening around me cause people are really starting to act really like asses. But I can say one really good thing that is coming out of this election. And that is people who used to smile in your face and had other thoughts in their mind about you, are now expressing them openly. But what they fail to realize is now they are showing there true colors about how they feel. They were the wolves in sheeps clothing. Just like how the “KKK” used to hide back in the day. Now they feel they can be very open with what they are doing and how they truly feel about certain people or should I have minorities. And as far as Trump saying make America great again. well he better start by giving it back to the Native Americans, for they were here first.

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