Our Veterans

Last night I could not find anything on television that I wanted to watch, so I started to channel surf. I came across this program called “Homeland Americas Veterans. So I stayed on that channel. I already knew that our soldiers had a hard time coming back to a so called normal life. But to be treated as if no one cares. These are the men and women who put there lives on the line for us and our country, and to come back home and not be able to work at a decent rate of pay, and I do not mean the minimum wage that they are offered. Or even be able to get affordable housing and the medical attention that they so badly need. There was one guy who was contemplating suicide who called the hot line number he was giving to speak with a therapist and was promptly told that they did not have a therapist at that site for hm to speak too, and abruptly hung up on him. So he called back and got another person to speak to who told him that she was qualified to help him. This poor man felt so lost, that he attempted the suicide, thank God he was unsuccessful, for he is still alive and well today. I also learned that “MST” (military sexual trauma) was so wide spread amongst the women. Our armed services are the people that protect and serve so that we may go living a country that we feel safe in. They put there lives on the line for us everyday so we can live the lives that we are currently living, they do this not only for us but also for them for they love this country. And we a people of this great country should be doing more to see that they have the quality of life that they would have if they did not serve in our military. So for me, I say thank you.

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