Time for necessary distraction


We’re a couple days out from the election and I’m still trying to process what a Trump presidency will mean. But my eight year old daughter who went to bed believing absolutely (oh the bliss of such youngness) Hillary Clinton would win.

But so it went and the next morning my wife and I had to tell her the news. She didn’t want to get up. Hid under the covers. But there was school and breakfast and the days ahead. Her way of coping was to draw. The top picture was one of two she made yesterday morning. This was the other.


You might consider making something yourself and posting here or to your blog a reflection on the election. Look through social media and see if there are any particular tweets, instagrams, which you’d like to embed and reflect on. These are the photos that would always get me:


In the days before and the day of the election, hundreds of women particularly visited the grave of Susan B. Anthony the great suffragist, to pay their respects. They of course believed that we might be on the cusp of another great milestone, the glass ceiling shattering moment of the first woman to be elected to the office of president. But it didn’t happen. And here we are.

Please write, reflect, make art – do it in protest, or with hope, or sadness. I leave it to you to choose.

I read David Remnick’s An American Tragedy, and if it speaks to you too, consider reflecting on it in your response.

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  1. Awesome! What a great way to express and exercise those feelings! Very necessary indeed. I too offered a project like this at another college that I teach for. The class wanted to use the newhive platform and work from pre-made graphic assets found on the web.

    Check out the feed of works here -> https://newhive.com/liuart/profile/all

    I would love for my CT101 section to work on this!

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