Sitting here  in class today trying to figure out how to get a certain video onto my page. It was taken by my daughter of her two month old son have tummy time on this play mat that she bought for him. Of course he is fussing cause he does not want to be down there on the floor on the mat. But I like the video cause he actually rolled over from his stomach onto his back which is something that the doctor said he should not be doing until he is four months old. But I thought that the video was so cute I asked her to send it to me, so now I had to put the “whats app” on my phone, not to mention that there are so many that I had to install. Not because I wanted to but because I need to so that I could better understand all that is going on around me in class and out in the wonderful world of technology. Now that I have the video I am having a problem uploading the video. So I am in class trying to figure this out, so far so good. I think that I finally got the basics of what I actually need to do to get it done, but not going to post until I am 100% sure. It is a challenging thing for me but, I am not a quitter. So as time goes, on I will eventually get it and then I upload the video. Maybe it is just me but I kind of like to hold onto some of the thing from the past. Such as not taking photos/videos with my cell phone but taking actual photos/videos with a camera. And then you have all the apps that you can manipulate any old kind of a way. I admit it is very interesting and playful, but at the same time it can become very overwhelming. And need I say frustrating. To the point where my head starts to hurt. And still yet I push on. I just cannot seem to let go of the feeling that I must push on. It is very weird to me that something can give me such a headache makes me push on. So I will continue to try to figure out all this new “fandaggled” technological world that I have to live in. And even though I said fandaggled, I must also say this: I LOVE IT!


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