Net Art

I took on the task of creating Net Art. Following the tutorials made by Professor Ryan Seslow and Professor Michael Branson Smith.

In creating Net Art, I started conceptualizing what I wanted to do. So I proceeded to search for images that would spark an idea. Being in New York, there’s inspiration all around, and one staple being the MTA, so I decided to use a train window as a template.

I opened my image in Photoshop and started using the background eraser tool to create the transparency i needed to overlay it on top of a gif. After the tedious work of creating the open space needed, I searched for some gifs on the internet that would connect with a train window. After sometime searching, I stumbled upon a glitched building gif, and my immediate thought was “this is perfect.”

Skipping the steps of having to create my own glitched art, I went on Newhive and created an account to start with the overlaying of my transparent image. Newhive was really easy to use, and offered a lot of features that are useful for future projects. I uploaded the gif first, then the transparent image over, and i resized both for it to look consistent. I then used quicktime player to record the animation for a few seconds.

After I had the recording, I went on Giphy to upload and process my gif. Below are my results.



After making the first gif, I felt I want to change the transparent image to windows to fit hit another aspect of the urban route.


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