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The other day I received a message from my friend’s old account which hasn’t been used in years. It was a link to a Chinese browser “Baidu”. I ignored it as I knew it was a malicious link.

Recently on WordPress news, I saw a link that redirected to a wptavern page. It explained the same link that I received and urged skype users to be cautious.

If you see a link from skype to linkedin or baidu, you should ignore it and inform the account owner. Passwords may be leaked and it’s always great to change your passwords or use different passwords for different accounts.

This is how the link looks like. Avoid it!


2 thoughts on “Skype Links”

  1. I hate phishing scams!!!

    I’m pretty aggressive about unsubscribing from form emails I receive. I’m so anxious that someone is going to figure out that an “unsubscribe” link would make a good phishing attack method.

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