#ReclaimQueens Take Down the Wall


In last night’s third and final 2016 Presidential Debate, in the context of a discussion of policy about Syria Sec. Hillary Clinton inadvertently dissed Queens. She was discussing the issue of terrorism and how the most recent act against our country was not a foreign national, but “was born in Queens, the same place Donald was born. So let’s be clear about what the threat is and how we are best going to be able to meet it.”

So taken wildly out of context, this is clearly stating that Queens in fact is a major security problem. And viewers of the debate made note of it on Twitter in a number of places. (I work at York College in Queens so got a little involved too.) Here are a few:

So students of a college in Queens, many of you also residents of this butt of too many jokes about this forgotten borough. I ask you to reclaim Queens! Tell your digital stories, jokes, serious memes, and Mets tragedies. Why your borough does/does not deserve this! Start a campaign, make a few GIFs, let’s get in front of this issue and Make Queens Great Again!

2 thoughts on “#ReclaimQueens Take Down the Wall”

  1. This is seriously the most funny and entertaining thing that I have heard in a while. It is interesting how a misleading, misunderstood, or even unintentional statement can be transformed into a form of comical entertainment or blogger’s joke rather. Being that Mrs. Clinton made such an interesting statement, it led to a bunch of suspicions about Queens, which I am pretty sure was not the intention, nevertheless, it was be misleading.

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