Getting to know my fellow classmate

I am sitting here in my computer class talking with my classmate and finding out that we have some things in common. He is an artist and a fan of the movie called the Guyver, which I am also a fan. Many people probably have not heard of this movie as it is an old movie that starred Mark Hamil. So I had heard him say that he was an artist before but never asked him about it until today. For I have an interest in the art world. But I cannot draw. Always wanted to, but the drawings do not look right. this ability seemed to skip my generation but carried over to my children and grandchildren. Lucky them. But I do know that I can make abstract designs. So maybe one day I will attempt that. But back to my classmate, I have not sen a lot of his work but what he has shown me is fantastic. If I did not know that he did it, I would have sworn  a professional did the work. I also learned about how he does it digitally. Which was very interesting to hear. I cannot wait to see more of his work. I know that coming back to college was the right move for me, but after talking with him and also my professor, I know without a doubt this was the best thing I could have ever done at this time in my life. I have found so many ideas of things that I would like to do with the computer. The possibilities are endless and my mind is swirling with thoughts and ideas. I came in with one specific idea and am finding out that there are many more things that I would like to attempt. For me the computer is going to be my escape an my bet friend for I get bored very easily, and  the computer is going to keep me from ever getting bored again.  If you would like to see a portion of his work , you can see it here.


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