Maroon Breeze

I miss traveling. I miss going new places, meeting new people, witnessing unusual lifestyles, appreciating all the beauties of the world, and falling in love with new cultures… I miss moving. Moving to a new environment meant pressing the reset button and starting a new life. Sleeping in airports and sitting on aircraft were usually my transition periods to creating new memories and letting go of the more undesirable ones… it was turning the page… beginning a new chapter… Traveling was freedom. Traveling was happiness. It was the life I loved.

But that was a different lifetime, while I served in the military. I don’t currently have the means to continue the fleeting life I once had. Now, I’m making an attempt to navigate a new lifestyle and learn what it means to settle down. Quite frankly, I feel stuck in a fish bowl.


I chose to name my website Maroon Breeze because… that dark brownish crimson pretty much sums up my life. It’s beauty, passion, sacrifice, bravery, rebellion, pain and love all in one. And… I like to go where the wind blows… I see myself as a breeze, coming and going freely. Even deeper, I’m also a descendent of the Jamaican Maroons who were escaped slaves that “ran away from their Spanish-owned plantations when the British took the Caribbean island of Jamaica from Spain in 1655… and formed independent communities as free men and women” in the mountains. The word maroon comes from the Spanish word ‘cimarrones,’ which is defined as wild, untamed or undomesticated. So, that’s how I created Maroon Breeze. My website will be a blog about my journey to figuring out my new life and creating a life I love.

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