My life has been pretty fulfilling so far. I have done most of the things that I always wanted to do. But when I lost my job I did not know what to do. Except to update my resume and look for work. But once you lose your job at a certain age employers do not want to hire you, all everyone says is “retire”. Well I am too  darn young to retire. My mind is still alert and working and willing to learn and try anything and everything at least once. I have always enjoyed life to the fullest of my ability. I always knew  that once I achieved my A.A.S. degree, that I wanted my Bachelors degree. But other priorities took precedence over my degree, so it was put on hold and then forgotten. But somewhere in the back of my mind it was still there, and with the help of a good friend who has my back in anything that is going to help me better myself is right there pushing me forward. When I get overwhelmed he is there with an encouraging word. I thank God everyday for him. For without his help and encouragement I might not be here at York today.

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