I plan on using my website to show how to make healthy meals.
I’m trying to change my eating habits and I feel posting them on a regular will help me choose the right meals.
I think I want to post before and after pictures of myself as well, to show people the results of choosing healthy foods rather than greasy fried food.
But my domain name doesn’t go with what I decided to do with my page so now I am stuck with my last name as my website’s name.

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  1. Hey it’s great that you have a particular idea for how you want to use your site. I’d love to see a link or two to the types of photography or writing about food preparation you’ve found interesting. Also have you thought about how you plan to shoot the pictures? Or maybe video? Maybe a spot that gets lots of natural from a window, cookware/plateware/utensils that you want to use? And try some test shots too.

    This stuff can be part of your site as well. People love to see process and hear about process as well as the final pieces. And this might make you feel better about your domain name which is personalized. It’s your experience and voice being articulated in the site. And who knows you might find this is one project that you put in a greater context of your site over time.

    And finally you can always add domain names to your account! They cost $19 a year with domain privacy. And they can be changed for current sites too. Get started and know that changes can always be made.

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