I am making the title of this post “MBS.” For those are the initials of my professor. Michael Branson Smith. He has given me a lot to consider about my domain. Things that I never even thought about or even considered, he really makes you think about exactly what you want to do with your domain, now that we all have one. That is the students that are taking his CT101-Digital Storytelling class. I must admit that when I  registered to take this class I had an idea of what it was about, but I must admit with all honesty that it is much more involving than what I thought it would be from the course catalog. It has taken me much further than the basic computer skills that I came into the class with.  I may not be the best student but I do know that I have far more knowledge than when I came in and have learned many new things. And all of that is because the professor makes tutorials for us and also puts into terms that we can understand. Even though we have to learn the correct terminology he still puts it out there on our level. And for this I an very grateful. So Professor I give you much praise and thank you.

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