Net Art & Gif

I made this today, experimenting with multiple websites and applications. I used the website to find a picture that appealed to me. I chose a  school bus because I thought I could have fun doing editing on the windows. Afterwards, I joined to set up the picture. Putting the image of the bus in Photoshop, I used the rectangular marquee tool to cut out the windows. I saved the image as a .png file and brought it to my account. I found a gif of fire there and merged it with the bus. Using quicktime player, I recorded a ten second video of the post and saved it. I imported it to photoshop where I cropped it to a reasonable size and saved it as a gif.

I found this process interesting and fun to do and I actually look forward to using it in the future.

Here is the gif:

THIS BUS IS ON FIREEEEEEEE!!!!this-bus-is-on-fire


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