Youtube Censorship?!

I have recently seen videos and articles about the new Youtube censorship. Youtube has been overwhelmed with marketing execs and the constant ads that we have to watch or skip after 5 secs. Youtube has expanded so much and therefore take on a lot of advertising however recently it’s been censoring some of the favorite entertainers. Flagging them as not Advertiser Friendly and that they must prove that it is. What happened to Youtube the freedom to post as you want to be as free as you want. The restriction free site is what brought the creators to it. Now it has to be planned and advertiser friendly? It is crazy now and as a fellow YouTuber what can I say and do now. It seems like they are taking away the First amendment right.

One thought on “Youtube Censorship?!”

  1. Youtube is a service owned by Google which is a company. As a user you have to agree to their ToS or Terms of Service in order to use it. That ToS can check speech in any way it wants. They could take down all videos that had a conservative or a liberal point of view. It’s their business and they control it.

    Now whether that is good business to create restrictions Google would be concerned about if it saw a mass exodus from Youtube and therefore lost a bunch of money. And whether it’s good for public discourse, debate, and discussion which the platform allows doesn’t necessarily matter to Google. They may give service to free speech, free ideas, etc. as they are a company owned in a democratic society, but it is also a capitalist society. Google has share holders they must be accountable to and they must make money. That is their bottom line, the bottom line.

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