Reflection Post : Copyright

Twitter suspended Deadspin and SBNation’s accounts for sharing NFL GIFs

My thoughts on this article are that I understand the violation laws because companies have agreed to social network contracts. If other accounts are bringing more attraction probably without the advertisement or commercials they are losing out on money and click bait. On the other had people just like to share their interest and may not try to intentionally interfere with the monetary gain but out of pure interest without all the hoopla some of the official accounts bring. I understand both sides but hopefully, the companies understand the hobby mindset of these accounts and work to create an equal distribution of content.


One thought on “Reflection Post : Copyright”

  1. I like that you’re trying to reconcile the business point-of-view with a user’s point-of-view. I’d encourage you to look also at a journalistic and fair-use point-of-view which should from my perspective cover both in this particular case.

    Words vs. Pictures vs. Audio vs. Video vs. GIFs???? Why do we think nothing of quoting someone else’s printed or spoken words with attribution, but have misgivings of “quoting” a piece audio, video, photo with attribution. Where do the copyright laws say one is fair use but the other is not? And why or why not?

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