What to do with my domain?

In my domain I plan to use my personal photographs that I have taken and tell a little story with them and why I choose to shoot the photo. It will be a combination of walking around the city and different states, taking photos of what I thought was interesting to me. From time to time it will have family photos, friends and whatever else strikes my fancy. Eventually I would like to be able to sell some of my photos or work for myself in web design and incorporate my photographs with it. And as time goes on if I can take it further I will.

2 thoughts on “What to do with my domain?”

  1. Hey there. I’d definitely encourage you to work with one the social media spaces for photography as well, like instagram. Being a photographer that sells photos is something you should do some research on. Do you imagine being a photographer for clients like weddings? Family portraits? Do you imagine being selling photos as an artist? Or do imagine shooting photos in another context that produces income? I would encourage you to start to look at and read about these industries if you’re interested.

    Your photography can also be simply a showcase of taste and talent. And not be about making money.

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